My Little Gymnast

This was originally a Christmas or Birthday present, but she is moving up in her gymnastics class…so she got it early…

look at my little girl. I have a photo somewhere of myself in a blue leotard…I was about her age, looked just like her but my hair was curly…and I have blue eyes!

Not much else shakin this week…been fairly low key. EK’s last day of school is the 16th and I think I am going to bail out on work on the 13th. Woot.

We bought our house again last week…we refinanced our mortgage and got an outrageously good deal…15 yr loan…3.5%! So hopefully we can own this place in under 15 years! That would be nuts!

Anyways…hope all you peeps are enjoying the holidays! We are kicking off this weekend by taking the girls to Emmanuel (my parents old and now new church) for some Christmas festivities this weekend! Yay!!

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