What I did…

See all these little trays filled with pansy/viola plugs, each one of these trays made about 36 flats of pansies/violas…this is what they look like when we receive them.

and here is what the tiny plugs look like…so cute aren’t they!!

Then we fill the green houses like this:
all the rows have to be perfectly straight, because if they aren’t the whole green houses shift and we won’t have enough room for all the flowers we grow. We use a machine that pops the plug into the dirt…18 at a time, which is how many flowers make up a flat.
Note: The above picture – These are our biggest houses, Adsit has 4 of these…those are all my flowers that I have to plant…crazy huh!!

and this is what they look like when they begin to flower:

The fall planting goes by quickly…its mainly done by machine. I was in charge of taking three flats at a time and lining them up neatly. In the spring, it is all by hand…in heated greenhouses.

So that is what I did from August – September. October including moving and pulling orders. November is winterizing the houses and plants.

Kinda neat to see the flower production huh!

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