The Situation

with the asthma is that it is in fact chronic asthma. We went to the allergist last Friday and they did the skin tests on her. I have had many people ask me how they do that on little people…and this is how it went down. I took her shirt off and had her clung to me like a monkey, and held her under the shoulders to my chest for 20 minutes. The nurse pressed all of the tests on her back at once…so we only had a few tears and recovered quickly with stickers. Anyways, he said there are two types of asthma, chronic and viral. With the viral, there is a chance that she could grow out of it. With the chronic, you don’t. Since her allergies were so high, it is chronic asthma. She will more than likely battle this her entire life.

The results +4 is the highest allergen…which included cats and dogs. Her +3’s were three types of dust and three types of grasses…none of which Bermuda, which is the most common round here. The grasses were Kentucky Blue, Timothy, and Rye grass.

So as you can see, the main trigger is cats….followed by dusts.

We dropped the singulair, which I was most pleased with. She is to continue with her pulmicort twice a day and he added a nasal spray. We went to the allergist Friday…played outside Saturday and came in for lunch and she had an attack. We think it was from the dust in the garage. She finally recovered Monday and was able to go to school. I have to call both drs. when she has an attack. The allergist increased her dose of pulmicort to 1mg instead of the .5mg she was on. According to him, she should not be having attacks…the pulmicort should keep her from having them.

He told us to do certain things around the house regarding her triggers…I need to clean her room more frequently and get covers for her pillows and mattress. We got her a HEPA air purifier for her room yesterday. He also suggested making Antioch and outside cat…which can’t happen because she is old, has no front claws, and hasn’t left our house since 2004. I am not sure if long hair cats affect her more or not. We went to Michael’s parents house last night and when we walked in and I noticed her breathing more deeply and by the time we ate, her eyes were puffy and red and really bothering her. They have two huge long haired cats. He said he would like to see the carpet and the fan go. We can just not use the fan…which stirs everything up…I see that being hard because it gets so hot here in the summer. The carpet might be able to be removed oh say in 10 years…no…we are going to replace our carpet in a few years…so we might just have to add the two bedrooms as well.

Anyways, we are suppose to be monitoring and reporting her attacks. This past one was the first she had had in a month.

I am still bitter about it and often have a hard time finding patience regarding it all. I feel terrible that there is nothing I can do…and I feel terrible that she feels so terrible…gets all cracked out on albuterol…then her split personality comes out and I have to be all over her like white on rice. She gets so fired up and she needs to remain calm because her breathing is all over the place. I am hoping this increase in the pulmicort really helps out. It is very nerve racking when she does have attacks…I am not sure when it is bad enough to go to the ER…I have to check on her every cry and cough at night.

I think its even more sad that she knows all these asthma terms at almost three years of age…and I knew nothing about it until 30 years of age!

Asthma smashma.

She is going back to the allergist for a recheck in 6 months…he would like to see her attack free till then and then ween some of the pulmicort down.


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