Blah blah blah

super slackin in the fall on blog posts.


We had a Red Maple in our front yard:
Which is now gone, it got wind damage in the spring and we kept it together with arbor tie till the fall…cause fall is the best time to plant trees! We replaced it with a Crape Myrtle.

We made pumpkin cookies for Halloween…..
and ate them…..
We went tricker treating with Anna Claire in the hood….

Ella Kate was:

I am not sure what is going on with Michael or the duck…I had 5 pictures and they all looked like this…
My Minnie Mouse!
The duck and Minnie Mouse…
and they are offfffff!!!
Mimi made them some boo shirts, got them some jeggings, and Holly and I tossed on their Fugg boots for pictures!

Um what else is going on…I totally didn’t think I would be working this long for the stockyard, I kept thinking he was going to let me go because I only really signed up for the flower season. I asked the lady who is next in line about him letting me go and she said he had no intention of letting me go. So. It’s whatev. It’s super slow right now…and to be quite honest I would rather be at my house cleaning or cooking…or crafting on some sort of project. Especially when this colder weather might set it. I think I might give it until December…when EK is out for school and tell him I am done till next flower season.

So that keeps me busy when I actually have free time. Boo.

Ella Kate is doing well, she had a few touch and go times at preschool…mainly about not listening…we have been working on that for a while and hopefully something will settle in with her. She is uber excited about Christmas. She loves to look at all things Christmas. I have Raffi on my Ipod, the Christmas album, and she requests it every time she gets in the car. We have actually been listening to it for about a month now.

She is moving up in her gymnastics class at River City…she is in the toddler class right now and they wanted her to try the preschool class week after next. So I have been on a leotard hunting spree. I am excited for her! She really loves participating. It was kinda funny, one of the ladies at the desk was actually a team mate of mine and she and Gus (who is the owner and also my old coach) asked me if I wanted to be a coach. I was like well I don’t really have any experience coaching…so they told me to think about it. They haven’t said anything else to me yet.

Here are a few oldies…

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