Ella Kate from Chattanooga

Over the summer I have taught Ella Kate where she is from, where she lives, where she was born…where mom and dad were born etc. And for some reason or another…when you asked her where she lives she said Chattanooga.

Well, we took her to her hometown the first weekend of October for one of Michael’s races. It was actually our first trip out of town just the three of us style. It was also EK’s second hotel stay…complete with her own bed and everything.

Michael ran a 32 mile race in some odd time or another…and after the start I took EK to the aquarium. Some runners are very weird and should often consider showering before a long race like that…oof many stunk to high heaven and the race had not even started.

Dad and Ellers before the start…

Pre-race night…on the way to Olive Garden…check out the jeggings and the FUggs!

This was after the aquarium…we wondered down to the river and found ourselves amongst a pretty kick but bluegrass festival…

In some spots you could look up and water was above you…so EK took a moment to lay down and take it all in!

In a bubble surrounded by water!

Big ole wall o fish

Shark cage

Her faves were the penguins and the otters…

On top was a butterfly garden…which we had to vacate quickly because someone wanted to touch all the butterflies.
And as soon as we left the aquarium and bluegrass festivities….boom out like a light.

She did well in the hotel bed…she was tickled to be sleeping in the same room as mom and dad and would look up every so often to tell us Hi. What a girl!

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