Thy Weekend

Two words…BOO STATE…blech!!

Anyways, had a fun filled action packed weekend complete with a small house fire down the street from us. Our weekend wasn’t really that action packed, I just felt like saying that.

Friday night we had ourselves a movie night complete with chicken nuggets and tater tots. Ella Kate selected Princess and the Frog for us to watch. We need some more movies…we have 7 to choose from that we own….and she nearly got one on the netflix, but somehow Glee made it to us!

Saturday morning we went to my parents house for breakfast…we usually do Sunday night dinners at their house, but they had a Sunday School party to attend today. So we headed that way and mowed down some waffles and fed ducks and played. Ella Kate ate an entire Belgian waffle all by her big girl self. That is how she refers to herself…her big girl self.

I got Ella Kate some cowgirl boots at Target a while back and she has been dying to wear them..and I keep telling her that its too hot…yes today it read 96 in my car…in SEPTEMBER!! I am freakin sick of this weather. I told my mom yesterday that somebody needs to throw that no white after labor day rule right out the window…and put it in effect for October. This weather seriously makes me want to vomit. Its going to be uber hot in the greenhouses this week. Our week 2 and 3 pansies are suffering a tidbit. We desperately need some relief and some rain. Anyway…enough of that…dying to wear the boots…so she busted in Mimi and Papa’s house with her Levi jeans and cowboy boots. Get it! She was too cool for words!

After we ate some pizza we headed back to our house for her to take a nap…and myself. During naps we heard many sirens race down our street…we went outside and there were three fire trucks and an ambulance. Apparently, the owners had smoke billowing out there attic. The firefighters brought smoking insulation and some black thing out and threw it on the curb. Luckily no one was hurt. Ella Kate was excited to see the fire trucks and fire fighters in action. Almost as excited as dumping out her entire sock and panty drawer in said nap time.

We had a party last night for our friends Vinnie and Renee, who are moving to Indianapolis in two weeks…Michael made some killer bbq and ribs. We sure will miss them! Vinnie is one of Michael’s running buddies. We will see him in October at the stumpjump!

Today is a lazy day full of laundry and running all over town looking for a mop. Fun times.

Oh totally forgot till I looked at my pictures, this morning Ella Kate was fired up and went after something in her room, tripped over her rocker and went head first into a bench in her room…her is the result of that collision…

As you can see, the bench won! After the collision…we made bread!

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