let me see…

I have been working my arse off. I couldn’t walk for approximately one week. (Due to flower planting)…and this week, we had small rain showers making the flat dirt that much more heavier and my fingers and wrist feel like I have some sort of obscene arthritis. Its still fun, and I am glad that it only lasts for 3 more weeks and then I have to plant what I have grown. Fo reals.

The picture of the week is dedicated to Michael, fall means running season for him. He participated in an adventure race last weekend…and just had an overall pooptastic race. Like first ever. This race has certain obstacles you have to check in at and punch out holes on this passport thing…which is ridiculously large for an 8 hour race. He ended up loosing his around the 8th checkpoint (26 checkpoints total)…he went back to look for it with no luck…so the dude told him to start over…and he did. Then he fell in a hole. He shook it off and was able to make it to about the 20th checkpoint…and fell in another hole…and heard a snap (right ankle, same ankle at AT100 last year)…and he knew immediately he would not finish. So for the first time ever, he had a DNF (did not finish). He came home and his ankle was all sorts of swolled up. The next day it was black and blue from one side to the other. Around Thursday he said it felt fine…still bruised, no swelling. He had back to back weekend races. This weekend was the Bartlett Park Ultra…he knew he wouldn’t be able to run the full course, but he did manage to hammer out 9 miles. Then he helped with the aid stations. I told him when he hurt it at the AT100 last fall that he needed to watch that thing…because once you hurt an ankle, it will usually keep giving you problems…speaking from his wife who had 13 casts on her right ankle…over a 4 year period. Anyways, I am hoping to push a recovery/rest week on him…because he has a semi-big race coming up in October…we are suppose to be going to the stump-jump in Chattanooga the first weekend of October. Ella Kate and I plan on joining him for that race.

I think I might have mentioned on here before that Ella Kate has a “friend” at preschool. Well, over the past few weeks EK has told me on the way home that Mary Campbell has either pushed, scratched, pinched, or punched her. I say well that is sad, did she say she was sorry? I didn’t know if it was true or not because she also says that she colors elephants everyday, which after asking the teacher…they haven’t colored a single elephant. The teacher hasn’t said anything to me about it…so I figured it was just something made up. Well, we went to Michael’s parents house tonight and Mrs. Poole said that Mary Campbell has been in time-outs at preschool for the above activities towards Ella Kate…so EK was telling me the truth! For some background, the girls parents were the old preachers at Michael’s parents church. So that is crazy…EK is getting bullied at school. I intend to ask the teacher about it on Monday…and I am kinda wondering why I wasn’t told anything about it. Apparently they talked to the other girls parents and wrote something on her sunshine sheet.

But anyways…preschool drama…she still loves it…I think she has slept at school twice now. She has a blast and loves all the projects they get to do!

I have officially decided that I no longer like the month of September this year either, 90 degrees is just gross for this time of year…I would much rather prefer low 80s or mid 70s. I am so ready for the fall to bring itself. We had a touch of fall last weekend and I took EK to the Arlington park which we had all to ourselves. I am waiting on this dern weather to do a 180 and we can start taking field trips on Fridays. Here are some pics from the play ground…

She was a little more brave and went down the big kids slide once…and loved it and went down the slide oh 50 more times. I made the mistake of telling her that if she napped at preschool, then we could go do fun things after I picked her up…like go to this park…well, she napped one time and said something about it and I was covered head to toe in dirt and sweat after the flowers…and we had to go home. I guess it doesn’t matter, but I pretty much feel like I have been beaten by bricks after I get done with work. But, its only short term work!

And when I say field trips, I want to take her to some of the botanical gardens, nature centers, zoo, and my big backyard…oh and I want to take her to the Peabody to see the ducks. Maybe in the 5th grade?, I had to do some sort of book report and it was on the Peabody Duck book…and I have the book, the report, and a picture of me by the ducks. Anyways, the book has been passed down to Ella Kate, and she loves to read the book, the report, and look at the picture of her much much younger mother. I am pumped up for Michael’s race in October, because we are going to go to the aquarium whilst he is running his legs off!

Not much else is new…waiting on cool temps…I have been doing several large projects for Adsit that have also been keeping me occupied. We are taking Ella Kate to go see Disney on Ice the last weekend of September. Ella Kate has developed a huge obsession with Mickey and Minnie Mouse over the past couple of months. She is looking forward to the occasion and her Dad is even going with us on that adventure!

Anyway…enough ramblings…till next time! Peace out!

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