9 years ago…

Where were you 9 years ago, when the terrorists attacked our country?

I was sitting in the MSU student health center waiting on Michael while he was getting his ear drained. I have this crazy ability to remember things exactly as they are, when important things happen like that. I can remember what I was wearing, who was around me, the weather, the atmosphere..what other people were doing. I have life changing events, that have been etched in my head…for years. I have almost no memories of living in Jackson, MS…except for waking my dad up so he could help me go potty…and I would drop my blanket and he would dangle me upside down so I could pick it up….and I remember when he got the phone call that his dad had died.

I can tell you exactly what was going on around me, and what people were wearing etc. when my other grandparents died…and when Michaels grandfather died….its not just sad things….its happy things too, first kisses, milestones, when I found out I was pregnant, gave birth etc. Its like my mind takes a picture of what the immediates are. Michael thinks its super crazy, but I actually think its pretty cool.

Anyways, 9 years ago, one of the scariest days of this nations history…I remember the nurses telling everyone to shutup and watch the screens, the weather was much cooler than it was today, it was chilly. I was wearing some old American eagle jeans and a msu baseball logo shirt..and Birkenstocks…and Michael was wearing his khakis and his navy phish shirt. Every single person in the waiting room had their mouths opened. When we walked out of the clinic and into our classes…silence was everywhere. No one could believe what had just unfolded in front of our eyes. The crazy rumors that started to fly around…people freaked out over the gasoline situation. Classes were canceled and we went back to my house and saw lines and lines and lines of people at gas stations. We decided that we would try and get gas on the way to Perry cafeteria that night. We waited in line for an hour to get 10 bucks of gas…because that was the limit…it was definitely a day that I will never forget.

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