Catch Up

Well…I started slacking on my blog because I started working. Yippee for me. Its going well, minus the fact that I can NOT bend my legs…at all. I am stiff as a board. Ella Kate had gymnastics today and I looked like an old lady trying to run after her.

So you ask what I am doing out there, how does one grow pansies? You take these tiny tiny plugs, no bigger than a quarter with tiny tiny leaves on them and you put the tray that holds 450 of them into this machine that shoves them down into the flats that I use to plant…18 to a tray and then me and Nana (Mexican lady friend) hoard 3 flats into the greenhouse and line them up straight…north to south. So out of the 450 tiny plugs on a sheet, that will make 25 flats. It is nuts and they are so cute. I am going to try and bring my camera up there to take a picture of the production. My legs are sore from bending and running the flowers. I have cuts up and down my left arm and all over my hands…those plastic flats WILL TEAR a PERSON UPPP!! If you don’t lay the flats a certain way they start leaning one way and 1. will mess up an entire house 2. won’t grow properly. Greenhouses have to be laid north to south in order for plants to grow correctly.

So far its been fun, I just need to get over the soreness of it all and it will be a snap. What would also make it a snap is if the temps would stay in the 80s and 70s. I sweated half of my weight out in the past two days. I looked at one green house and the temp was 135 up in there. Lordamercy hot. Anyways, its hard work, but hey I’m gonna make some bank!

Oh and I get blamed for everything, even if I am not there. Good stuff. He wants me to stay until the orders are met…so that way if one of my deliveries is messed up, Johnny said I could just call myself.

When I am finished working for the day I am covered in dirt from head to toe…and I smell like a sweat shop. So I immediately stop what I am doing and go get the kid…and those Mom’s in their minivans apparently ain’t seen anything like me pick up their kids! I have received some nasty looks…and in return give them right back. Good stuff.

Anyways, I haven’t been taking many pictures due to stuff…so I will update you about EK. Her cough is getting better, still junky, and it sounds like things are coming up. She was allergic to her last (the third) antibiotic. It was amoxicillin and she got a good many welts on her head, face, thighs, arms, back, and bum. I am allergic to penicillin as well. She is on her 4th antibiotic now. If this doesn’t work…she is off all meds point blank. Ill stick with Tylenol and benadryl. It worked the past 2 years.

She is still not napping at school. So she comes home and takes an hour and a half nap. She did sleep a little this past week, only because she was up at 5:30. The teacher said she slept for about 20 minutes.

She has a friend! Her name is Mary Campbell (preacher’s kid from my old church). Apparently Mary Campbell loves her some Ella Kate and even named an invisible friend Ella Kate at home. EK is unaware of invisible friends at this point.

Here are some of her latest creations….

One thought on “Catch Up

  1. Sylvie is allergic to the penicillin type antibiotics as well. Also runs in the family – Daniel. Oh well. There are others – just need to find the one that works. We did on our 3rd try. I hope she is totally well soon!

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