For the past 2 months Ella Kate has been sick EVERY other week. She has been on two different antibiotics and we added Singulair on top of her everyday claritin. Michael told me last night he doesn’t want her taking all those medicines…and I agree. I am taking her off the singulair but will keep getting the refill because she has met her deductible for the year.

Last week she had a 103.5 temp and today she woke up with a 103.2 temp…so I called the dr. We went in and she was negative for strep and they did blood work on her and everything came in normal. He said it wasn’t a virus, and he was thinking it was more of a bacterial infection. She hasn’t played with her toys in over a month…and after dinner she usually wants to go lay in her bed. This morning we had to skip gymnastics and I let her watch some TV and she watched one show and laid down on the floor. I asked if she wanted to go night night and she said yes. So I laid in bed with her for about an hour while she napped and we got up to go to the Dr. She has slept 4 hours today…making for a total of 16 hours in the last 24 hours. Nice. Hopefully that will help her get better! Luckily this time, the asthma isn’t involved!

He sent us home with a high powered antibiotic and cough medicine and he said if we step foot in the dr. office again, he will send us to an ears, nose, and throat specialist.

I’m ready to have my baby back! This version of EK is so sad!! Look at that picture!

One thought on “Sickly

  1. Sad. Sorry she isn't well.

    Sylvie is ok today, but yesterday she was rather sad as well. She threw up all over me. She went to bed at 6:30 instead of 9pm. Feverish. So sad.

    Let me know if she is still ill for the weekend rendez-vous.

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