Yesterday while I was making dinner it got really windy and really dark outside and low and behold…it rained. ALOT! (only for about 30 minutes). Ella Kate begged and begged to go outside…I told her we would after we ate and got cleaned up. So we went out in the backyard and splashed in some puddles.

and we also picked roses and smelled them…those roses are pure heaven!

Unfortch, the pool closed early this year. We used it about 2 weeks ago and then the weather stayed in the triple digits and I guess rotted the side of the pool. It is now on the curb waiting on the trash. So sad. I think we will use sprinklers for the remainder of summer and bust out a new pool next year…and the slippin slide I got on clearance this summer.

Ella Kate is still enjoying preschool. I think she had a little trouble this week. She had an accident and didn’t nap yesterday. She cried on the way out to the car and in the car. But, she still said she had alot of fun. It will take some time adjusting to this new schedule. She hasn’t had an accident in I don’t know how long!

Next week they are having a water day and are wearing swimsuits to preschool! How fun!

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