The Weekend.

I didn’t know I liked to blog this much. I’m documenting Ella Kate’s entire life on this thing!

I was going through my camera card (I didn’t realize that I had 842 images on the card) and found this one that got lost in the bunch…this is of Ella Kate and her first morning after the big girl bed night night. We had to wake her up for church…she was sideways in the bed.

Just recently, EK has been interested in what is going on in the kitchen. She asks to see what is in the pots on the stove, in the toaster oven, oven, microwave and sink. I have had my eye on a little red stool and waited on Target to put that thing on sale. And they did! Ella Kate is loving what is going on on the counters etc. She sometimes eats a snack up there. Yesterday she told me she was ready to make cookies.

Friday nights have turned into Poole family movie night. Ella Kate selects a movie from our sorry DVD collection and we watch it and picnic on the floor. She loves it and gets so excited when I tell her its movie night! As I mentioned previously, Curious George the movie was chosen for this weekend. Oh yes, and she always rocks the blanket on the head while watching TV and riding in the car.

Saturday we went to the Oakland Walmart to get a Dora cupcake and a picture made with Dora. It was fun and she got a Dora microphone from Mimi. She mowed the cupcake down though!

I like to call this next photo “Gettin it!”

Saturday night we hit up the church and came home and tossed her into bed and then Michael and I made a delicious dinner…its a one pot mix with Andouille sausage, bell peppers, tomatoes, fresh corn, vidalia onions, okra…it was superb! Oh and PS, Ella Kate cried when we dropped her off at church. I thought maybe preschool would help with that…no way.

We went to church last night because Michael wanted to go fishin at St. Columba with us this morning. He caught 2 brim with some corn and decided that the fish weren’t biting. Ella Kate and I walked in the woods and talked about nature. And check this out…
Ella Kate pooped in the woods. Nice. Maybe she is ready for some camping. I think she will love it.

And on the way home we played peep-eye…

and I got my new favorite picture of Ella Kate at St. Columba and I feel like I must absolutely do something creative with it in my house..and I have no idea as to what…yet!

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