Day Three

Okay – I promise I won’t post about every single day at preschool…maybe the first couple of weeks (semester). Kidding. Anyway…she is coming home with the various projects she is doing…and I have no idea what to do with them. I am thinking about getting some cheapo plastic frames from Michaels and putting them on her table in the kitchen (Highlight of her week). I am also scanning them into our flickr account. I have a huge tendency of pack ratting…and in the past few years I have been relatively good about throwing things out…but its still up in the air about her “crafts”. I might take one of my accordion files and put them in there for her so she can look at them later on.

Anyways…check this report out!

She napped! I stuck one of her old ratty blankets in with her and the teacher said she waved it in the air and put it on her face and passed OUT! I had to wake her up to leave and felt bad doing so. Never EVER wake a sleeping baby. She said she was still tired and we went home and I put her to bed and she slept about 30 minutes or so.

She is absolutely head over heels in love with preschool. She asks to go everyday…and gets sad when I tell her there is no school today.

Not much else happening this weekend. Michael is working all weekend again. We have some plans to go to Walmart tomorrow with Mimi. Some type of Dora thing is happening and we are taking EKer to check it out. Tonight is movie night at the Poole house and Ella Kate has selected Curious George for us to watch.

Oh and people have asked me what I have done in my free time…I did some light shopping, I sat on the couch, I cleaned the house..For the first time in, well since she was born, I am unscheduled and it feels so rejuvenating. Everything I do revolves around her and the schedule. I found myself tip toeing around the house yesterday, thinking she was napping…crazy. I do miss the little girl like crazy though! I start working at the Stockyard on the 30th of this month. I will be growing these pansies. I am very thankful for my grower letting me help him. I have worked in several nurseries around Memphis and have found that I really enjoy that type of work….it is very hot and physical, but thankfully the fall is round the bend!

Yesterday, I tried to convince Michael to apply for a job at State…they have an opening for an LA professor in our department. I think he would absolutely love it…and I know we would love Starkville. He said he would check it out. I doubt it though!

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