The big first day of Preschool…

went absolutely fabulous! She did just as I thought she would, we got ready, got in the car…and headed for Ella Kate’s first big day at preschool. She was relatively quiet in the car ride over (she does this for church too)…and we pulled up and got out and she wanted to wear her back pack and hold her lunch box…and she paused by the mail box and took a picture for the paparazzi. We walked into the building and I showed her where to put her bag and her lunch box and she posed by her name and hook. I took her to potty and gave her a gigantic hug and she walked into the classroom and didn’t even look back! I’m so proud of her for not crying! I guess we needed to talk up church as much as we did preschool! Here are pics! (Yes, I do realize that we need to work on smiling…once I get a better camera I can get some better pics! – mine is so slow!)

crediting Mimi for the crayon pants and monogrammed top!

with her back pack and lunch box

car ride…

walking up…

mailbox pose…

Flying Fish folder and hook pose…

and her end report…

I had a feeling she wouldn’t nap…the girl has only napped in one of three places…her crib, Mimi’s crib, and her new bed. I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot of no naps. So we went home and I put her to bed for an hour. Around 6 she was asking to go night night. I asked her what she did and she said she played with toys, ate lunch, sat on her mat, played in the gym, sang songs, and did some type of coloring with a blue marker (which I pointed out because she had blue marker all over her left hand). I think it is almost safe to say that she is going to be left handed.

Anyway, I picked her up and she said she had fun and she wants to go back!

2 thoughts on “The big first day of Preschool…

  1. Love this post!!!! I don't think it will go over as well with Sylvie. I don't think I can reason with her yet, and tell her what is to come, ya know…. Oh well. So happy for you all though!

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