Hot Hot Hot

Well if you live in Memphis, then I don’t have to tell you that is ridiculously hot outside. For those readers who aren’t in Memphis…be glad if your temperatures are not 103…with a heat index of 120. I read a girls blog this morning, and they just got back from Sacramento, CA and they had to wear sweaters over their shirts. Man…that weather sounds super. I was told that it felt nice outside this morning, but I have yet to step foot outdoors.

Anyways, we have been keeping busy indoors with various crafts, projects, books…and an indoor pool:

She had a ball in the whirl pool. She kept asking to get in the pool outside…and I told her it was too hot…so in the tub she went. She played with a new bath tub toy a little doll that sticks to the walls and you can put her in various outfits that stick on her when wet. She named her “Pepper” two nights ago.

This past week Ella Kate has also enjoyed laying in random places and telling me she is sick.
On the sick front, she appears to be getting a little better. Her cough isn’t as junky, but it is rather nasty. She hasn’t been coughing at night anymore, which is good. I’m hoping we will see even more improvement over the weekend to get her ready for preschool Monday!

Speaking of preschool: Here is Ella Kate ready for her open house Thursday night.

Just recently, I will ask her if I can take her picture and she says yes, and I will ask her to smile and say cheese…it has been working out and I can get good pictures of her instead of the top of her head etc.

We had some people over last night and got to listen to some pretty kick but music from them. Our friends Patrick and Anne Marie came over and they brought Kirk Smithart with them. He also plays on Beale Street with Pat. And I found out that he toured with Mofro for several months…Mofro is my new favorite band and Michael and I are going to see them at Hitone in October. Score. Anyway…we mowed down some steaks and sat out in the yard and listened to them jam it out.

Here are a couple of pictures of various things we did throughout the week…

Played with Mr. Potato head

Playing with Mom’s sunglasses and her balloon that was on her chair at preschool.

Not a whole lot shakin this weekend in our neck of the woods…just trying to get her well…hittin up some church tonight because Michael is running some sort of race in the morning.

Till next time!

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