a quick report

@ the dr. yesterday: chest sounds clear…keeping up with the nebulizer, 20 day antibiotic, and some steroids for the lungs. We are trying to avoid the steroids because when she had them in January they made her absolutely bonkers and I honestly couldn’t stand to be around her like that. Seriously, it was a child on speed.

@ preschool open house…loved loved loved it. She played with some new toys, met her classmates and her teachers. She found her chair, with a lovely orange balloon tied to it…and she didn’t want to go home. Good signs all around. When we left she said, “I go to preschool every week, I sleep on my mat too.” On the way out she gave her teachers a hug. She was exhausted from not sleeping the night before and not sleeping at her nap…she slept the entire night without a peep…so hopefully that will help her. I also recognized one of the parents, he was the associate pastor at our old church…and one of the other parents recognized me from my friend Anne Marie’s facebook page. Nice. So anyways…looking forward to the big day next Monday!!

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