For the month of July…

my house was a complete disaster. I didn’t take any pictures while it was going on…because it was just stuff. EVERYWHERE. So onto what has been keeping me busy…and why Ella Kate watched a little too much TV.

The new guest room:

The crib might stay up for a while, pansy season will be here before we know it and AC needs a place to sleep. I was going to leave the white stripe but decided it would look best with out it.

Anyway, the colors are green, black, and white.

It isn’t near finished. I need to add some stuff to the walls and some curtains.

And for some minor organization where I might have went completely overboard with some shoe boxes and a label maker. Holly thinks I am nuts…and she wants me to come over and organize her house.

Our shoes…Michael’s are too big to put in boxes.

Ella Kate’s playroom, she actually does quite well with the boxes. I am making pictures to put underneath the labels so she knows what goes where. We are working on one box at a time. So far so good.

The laundry room, I uncluttered the top shelf and added another shelf above the dryer. The laundry detergent was a pain to reach.

The hall closet…
and here is Michael’s latest brew…a blueberry American wheat.

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