and finally…the big girl room!

Many thanks to my parents, Mimi and Papa, Holly and Drew…and Michael who came in at the end!
Oh and mad props to my mom the monogramming and sewing wizard!

These Madame Alexander dolls were in my room growing up. I have about 4 other dolls that are rather large that didn’t make the cut.

Around the closet area…

The rocking/reading area…the two pictures on the wall are from my room from our house in Germantown.

Dragonfly from nursery and new bedding. Mimi monogrammed her name on the pillow shams and hand stitched around it to match the bedding stitching.

Dresser and the new bedding…the Noah’s ark picture is also a hand-me down from my old room.

The new closet, which was actually finished first. I moved her two bookcases from her nursery in here for storage. It houses books, shoes, toys, and radio etc.

The furniture that you see was my dad’s parents when they were alive. He inherited it and gave it to me. I used it for the majority of my life. Michael and I used it when we were first married…and then when I got pregnant it went into closets. I am passing it on to Ella Kate.

Ella Kate’s new bed right before first night…

ta-da! Ella Kate in the new bed!

As you can see I opted not to use bed rails, I put a plethora of pillows on the ground in case she does fall out. She has not had any trouble falling out of bed…I mean we all have to learn right? Her bed is only 2′ off the ground…if I had left the box spring on, I would have used the rails. The box spring made the bed almost 4′ off the ground.

As far as how its going…it went something like this….

Saturday night – didn’t hear a peep until 20 minutes in and I could tell that she was getting excited about something…I went in and she was in a frenzy…putting all her stuffed animals in her new bed. She had about 30 of them in there with her and was just beaming from ear to ear. I said it was unacceptable and she had to put them back and choose only 3.

We received unfortunate news late Saturday that Jena’s dad had passed. I made plans with Amanda’s husband Mark to head to Lawrenceburg for the funeral. So Ella Kate stayed at my parents house Sunday and part of Monday. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jena and her family as they pick up the pieces of their forever changed lives. Let me tell you, it was one of the most heart-felt funerals I have ever been to. Wright and his family built the church. Its rather log cabinish with hand carved crosses throughout. It has no ac and has doors that open all throughout and ceiling fans. Stan was the first person buried in the cemetery. After a beautiful sermon and full communion we went to the grave side and had a service there. Everyone helped bury him by putting dirt on the coffin. Bag pipes played hymns and Jena read a poem she had written for her father. Afterwards, we all went downstairs for bbq and fellowship where everyone told stories, shared memories, and read letters. It was definitely a wonderful celebration.

I didn’t have any trouble from Ella Kate after we got back to normal Monday. Wednesday, she was a little fired up after lunch and it took her a while to go to sleep. I finally went in there and discovered that she had pulled all of the Kleenex out of the box and she was standing on her bed with her alarm clock in her hand. I told her no-no and laid her back down. Wednesday night no trouble…early Thursday morning, 12:07, alarm clock went off. I went in and she said my timer is going off.

Other than that, she loves being in her bed!

Now to the next big change in her life…preschool. We have open house next Thursday and class starts Monday! I will have the entire month of August by myself. I think it will be a big change for EK and myself. I am planning on getting a few things done around the house and working on some more felt board stories for her felt board. I start with the pansy seeds August 30th.

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