No TV Tuesdays

I am a hair behind on uploading photos to my flickr. Anyways, I will soon be caught up momentarily.

Oh and as far as the background goes…Ella Kate selected it…I had a summery one and she liked the pumpkins and scarecrow…I am with her. Out with summer already.

Now for the title of the post…apparently I got into a bad habit that I am trying to break. I have been consumed with house projects for the month of July and to keep EK out of my hair I let her watch a tad too much tv. So now she requests to watch shows. Before she was allowed to watch about 40 minutes of either Mickey, Dora, or George in the morning and while I was cooking dinner..again to get her out of my hair. I am caught up on the projects and have decided to go back to her old ways. So well, for this Tuesday and next Tuesday it will be no TV Tuesdays. Which will more than likely be switched to Wednesdays when she starts school in less than two weeks. WHOA.

So for our first no TV Tuesday event we got dressed after breakfast and headed outside. She walked about a 1/4 mile around the neighborhood. I did have to carry her twice only because of two stray dogs that looked at her like she was bacon. I actually had to kick one of the dogs off of me. I’m not one to kick dogs, but dang, get off my baby. She fell down as well and had two rather large boo boos complete with a big streak of blood running down her leg.

She loved the walk and I pointed out trees and shrubs and flowers…she pointed out pinwheels, flags, airplanes, leaves, dirt etc. She also saw a low airplane and said that she needed to go home, and get a ladder, so she could get it down.

One of our neighbors has a Tulip Poplar tree, Tennessee’s state tree for those who don’t know, and the leaves are constantly littering the yard. So we picked one up and had a little craft project once we got home. I taught her about the parts of the leaf and she even learned the scientific name of the tree…by heart. Just kidding.

Here is our beautiful leaf tracing project…
Radical I know. We then proceeded to color in her Dora coloring book…followed up with 5 puzzles which we did twice each…we played dress up and we also caught up on the Bible I gave her for her baptism. I stopped reading it because a certain someone could not stop taking out the bookmark…and I grew tired of trying to figure out what we last read. I think she liked it all! I can’t wait for our future no TV Wednesdays when this heat subsides. Happy Fall Yall!

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