Crazy Weekend

The big switch is in less than 4 days. My parents wanted to keep EK one more time before we ditch cribs. So she went over to their house to spend the night in their crib one last time. She was a little stuffy prior to them picking her up, we just figured allergies.

Michael and I decided to go to Chili’s to eat and then we headed out to St. Columba for night fishing. We had a blast minus the crazy paddle boat with a mind of its own. Michael caught one huge bass and one medium sized bass…I on the other hand caught the smallest bass I have ever seen. The popper was bigger than the fish. I had that thing riding on top of the water when I reeled it in. Good times. After taking about 30 minutes to get into the dock, crazy paddle boat, we headed home.

That place brings back sooo many memories. Before we had EK we spent practically every weekend running around out there…even in high school. Night fishing is something Michael and I use to do together every night in the summer before we were married. We had most of our holiday parties out there…Halloween and NYE. Our besties, Mark and Amanda were married out there. Several baby and wedding showers were held there too. In about a month of so, that chapter in our lives will close…so sad. I’m glad we got to experience night fishing one last time. It was a perfect date!

Anyways…so I get a text Sunday morning from Mom saying EK is super sick and we agreed that I would come get her after church. I picked her up and my parents thought she needed a breathing treatment. She was breathing hard…so we went home and administered the breathing treatment…I did it 5 times that day and noticed no change. I checked her several times throughout the night and her breathing was normal. When she woke up again she was gasping for air, so I gave her another treatment and called the Dr. He did another treatment and she was improving, so we were sent home with tons more treatments, antibiotics, and a year supply of Singulair. We are down to every 6 hours today for two days and then 8 hours for the next two days. The Singulair is for preventative attacks and Michael and I are on the fence about giving it to her. Michael doesn’t believe in taking pills every day…and we both thought it was extreme since she has only had two attacks in 7 months.

But she is better today. Her breathing is normal, she just has a super wicked cough. We are trying to get her ready for the start of preschool. My mom is working on a super cute nap mat cover. I am going to start working with her next week on lunch box etiquette. You know, how to unzip and how to open containers and bags without throwing food everywhere. This week I am trying to figure out what to put in her lunches. She is so picky. She is very excited about going to preschool…I just don’t think she has any idea about what is going to happen. I think it might be rough on her being left the first week or so, but hopefully not. The girl still breaks down when we leave her in the church nursery. EVERYTIME!!

What else…I am going to start working at the Stockyard, the place that grows our flowers. I am going to be helping in the production aspect. I have a feeling I will be put on Adsit’s flowers, so if anything goes wrong, Johnny (grower) can put a finger to me. I’m excited though, I will work three days a week, while EK is in preschool.

That’s about it…Ella Kate will officially move into her big girl room Saturday night. She is excited, but then she says, put me in my crrrrribbbb. Hopefully, we won’t have to move the crib into her new room. But I will definitely update with pictures and whatnot galore.

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