July 4th Weekend: Uno

On July 1, the weather was beautiful…Holly called and asked if we wanted to do something, she suggested going swimming, and I said how bout we go to the zoo since it wasn’t throw-up hot outside. So we packed up the kids and the Mimi and headed to the zoo. The faves this time were the birds and the bees…mainly the birds. Panda Bears are still a top fave and I have a fantastic picture of said panda bear…

Unfortch, we did not get to see another fave, the polar bears…but it was in the a/c and the water looked neato

We rode the merry go round…and this is the best picture out of all that Mimi took, I am asking Ho Ho for a new camera for my birthday and Christmas this year…
Here is said panda picture:
Lunch time!!

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