and everything else…

Jury Duty was fun, for the first day I finished Week 1 & 2 of my flowers and the second day I finished Week 3 and then began to loose it. I didn’t get called Monday. Then Tuesday after we all checked in(and waited an additional 4 hours), the commissioner came in and said he had one trial left for the day, and the last trial of the week. So he called the names of the 30 people who would remain, and woe is me…my name was called. So we went to lunch and came back and walk down to 201 Poplar. We went into the court room and 20 names were called. They went through all the questions of everyone and eliminated 6 jurors. My name was the first to be called. I got all sorts of excited. I was actually looking forward to seeing this out because I have never been through such a thing. He asked the new people the same sort of questions and the jury was selected. We went out for a 10 minute recess before the trial began, and that turned into 40 minutes. They called us back in there, and the dude was gone, he had changed his verdict to guilty. He was arrested for aggravated burglary.

Anyways, it sure got me interested in becoming a court reporter…I am an obscenely fast typer…and it is something that interests me. So if any of you have any idea on how to become one of those…let me know.

The Garden:

The Grapes: coming along nicely…we are about to put the bird netting back over them to keep the mockingbirds out of them…
Big Boy tomato…has been picked and ate by yours truly. I use to hate tomatoes and have recently love them, I think it has a lot to do with Basil.
The crazy Mexican Pepper that was suppose to be a bell pepper…has been picked, and is bright bright red!
Many zucchinis

That one under the flower got crazy big in a day or so and we picked it and I made a summer vegetable spaghetti with squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions.
Cherry Tomatoes

Bell Pepper
What has been mowed down…and several more tomatoes since this picture was made.

The next tidbit of information will have no pictures…three closets have thrown up into three rooms and a hallway. The downstairs looks like someone ransacked our house. I started switching closets out and somehow ours got involved. It is back to normal after today…but the other ones…no way. Ella Kate walked into her room at one point and said “OH NO!!” Then I told her to walk into her closet which was empty, minus the top shelf, and she said “ON NO…MY STUFF!” It was rather entertaining. I didn’t realize how much of a project this whole thing is turning out to be…it is a rather large one. I want to do it right and organize most of it as possible. Both cat and kid are thoroughly enjoying having boxes of stuff all over creation.

Anyways…that’s about it for now…I should be working on that mess but I vetoed that. Holla!

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