Blueberry Pickin

If you live near or around Memphis…and like blueberries…definitely check out Nesbit Blueberry Plantation. You can pick a ridiculous amount of blueberries at a cheap price. I would suggest going early in the morning since the heat is unbearable at this point of the year.

I packed up EK yesterday at 6:00 in the morning and we swung by and picked up MTP at Adsit and headed south bound 55. It isn’t that far out of Memphis, but will take an hour if you live out in Arlington. She did well, we showed her which blueberries to pick and she went to town filling up her bucket. I then showed her that she could eat them, which Michael thought was a mistake…so she started pickin and eatin…it was a big ole buffet of blueberries. She got fussy because of the heat…but the bucket was almost full. So we finished it up and picked up our pre-picked berries and headed back to the house.

I spent a good bit of the day cleaning and washing and freezing them yesterday. I finished them this morning. We are planning on having some blueberry pancakes, blueberry dumplins, blueberry cobbler, and I am going to try my hand at some Blueberry Lemon preserves. We might just be blueberried out…after all 2 gallons is a bunchofem!






We had a big afternoon filled with out side activities beginning with swinging, bubbles, pool time, maybe even a slip and slide…but I went outside to move the chains on the arbor for the swing and got stung by a dang yellow jacket. OOOO weeeee did I scream my head off. EK was near me when it happened and I jumped down and screamed for her to run because they were beginning to swarm. So we ran inside and EK was crying because she thought she was in trouble and my finger felt like it was being stabbed. That was the most painful sting I have ever experienced. I even got stung by a wasp that flew in my shirt when I was tumbling at a park when I was little…9 times that thing stung me…ain’t nothin like a yellow jacket though. So we spent the day indoors and my finger swole up huge! It finally started to resume normalcy and I was able to move it. It doesn’t hurt at all today. Michael killed the nest and the jackets today. There is about 12 of those boogers on the ground out there. I do not like flying stingy things.

It stung my on the tip of my index finger, almost where the nail starts. I grabbed the camera when the swelling was almost gone. Watch out for those things. Dang.

Ella Kate also had some run ins with some boo boos this week. Monday I was making mac and cheese for her lunch and over vacation we had been giving her popcorn in a stove pot because they didn’t have a good bowl…well she saw that pot on the stove and said yummm popcorn and placed her little hand directly on the red hot eye. Luckily she only burnt one finger, smaller than the size of an eraser on a pencil. But man it took her 2 hours to recover. It burnt part of her little nail and it smelled awful. She kept saying “Mom take it off”…she has never reached up there before and she has learned her lesson I believe. She runs out of the kitchen now when she sees me on the stove or oven.

Movin on to another week….

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