Red Tar Beach 2010

Well, we are back, unloaded, laundered, and a little tanner.

The beach trip was good! It would have been better if we could have been able to get in the water. I have a feeling I would have spent most of my time pool side anyway…Ella Kate loves pools and hates the sand. I’m not sure what she would have thought if we got in the actual ocean.

She did well in the car, she watched a Dora video at least 900 times. She kept saying she was tired and sleepy, so we told her to go night night…but she didn’t. But she did alright for not having had her naps. She also did well on the potty training part…we only stopped if she asked too and she only had one accident, which was our fault because we wanted to make it to an actual gas station and she couldn’t hold it. We kept the potty next to her and would pull over wherever and we had a pretty good system going.

The pool: where we spent all of our time!

Her response to the sand “Oh dad (or whoever was holding her) pick me up!”

The spill: Orange Beach got hit with the oil Saturday, June 12. By the next Saturday, it was looking better. The smell wasn’t that bad…you could get a whiff of the burns if the wind was blowing the right way, or if you were right up in the water. You couldn’t smell it at the pool or in the condo. We noticed on the last night, Friday, that several spots in Gulf Shores had yellow flags flying, so the water was okay.

This last picture is from the beginning of our stay, it was the worse day!
The boom protecting the Florida/Alabama harbor.

The skimmers:
It only rained once….

The Beach Pics.

The last swim…which had to be in the indoor pool because a beach rat got in the outdoor pool and the shut that down. Tar on the beach and rats in the pool!

By the end of the trip Ella Kate was actually trying to swim…she was kicking and blowing bubbles and all that. Anyway, these are the pictures off of my camera and I need to get some off my Dad’s camera.

And Happy Father’s Day to Michael, my Dad, and Mr. Poole!

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