Headin South

Well, we decided to head on down to the beach…we shall see how it goes. They said if they close the beach or anything like that, they will move us to another location. I am so super excited…just to even get away. I am so excited to see how EK is going to do on her first trip…and how we will do as well. I rented her a crib for the condo today. She will be staying in the room with us, hoping that goes well!

Anyways, we have some vegetables that have popped up in the past week…the cherry tomatoes, a big boy tomato, and some sort of mexican pepper I got, it was in the bell pepper flat…it is not a bell pepper.

Here is the Chase in bloom…the bees are loving it! You can see a bumble bee on the right side.

Crazy Mexican pepper…

More Chase

Big Boy


This will probably be my last post for at least a week…not much else to report. Just trying to get things in order for the trip!

Oh and Happy Anniversary to us…6…woot!!

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