Holy Kohls!

Man have I been on a spree this week…well the past day or so. Kohl’s had a ridiculously good sale. Ella Kate and I raided the clearance racks hard core this past trip! They had all their Carter’s marked down to 2 and 3 dollars. Check this out:

She got 16 skirts, shorts, and capris…and 19 tops…all at the glorious price of $90!! Most everything I got doubles of, 3T and 4T…so she can wear it next summer and the summer after that…and I’m thinking she could get another summer out of them. I couldn’t believe what luck we had!! She got a couple of skirts and shirts that she can wear this summer. So if you are a bargain hunter…check out the clearance racks at Kohls….I did wipe out a good chunk of the inventory, but they had a good bit left. Holly is there now! I also checked out their clearance section online and the prices aren’t the same, for some reason they are higher online than in the store.

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