The story behind the new room

is very short. When I was trying to figure out what room to use for the nursery, I chose the front room because of all the natural light. That was the office, the other room has remained the guest room. I debated about which room to use for her big girl room, the nursery is smaller and the guest room is bigger with a lot more wall space. But, the guest room is also louder with it being next to the kitchen…but EK sleeps with a sound machine and fan at high speed and I am not worried about the noise. So I have flip flopped over the decision and finally decided about a month ago to go with the bigger room. It works out better furniture wise and she will have more room for stuff. So the nursery will become the new guest room….which actually wasn’t in the plans. I have had many people ask me….where is no. 2? Especially now that EK is potty trained and all that jazz…baby no. 2 was going to be on the table for an arrival (a hopeful arrival) for next year. But as most of my readers know, we have the most AWESOME EXPENSIVE insurance. So, when Ella Kate went to the ER in January, that baby talk went right out the window. So unless we ever get better health insurance, baby no. 2 is on a far back burner. We were hoping just to leave that room a little play area for EK and then turn it back into another nursery. So now its going to be a guest room. All three rooms on that area of the house are green. The big girl room is going to have most of her nursery decor in it. The new guest room will be black, green, and white. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing all the new changes! And to see that big ole girl sleep (fingers crossed) in that big girl bed!!

One thought on “The story behind the new room

  1. MAJ

    I see!! Sorry – I know I am not in your day to day life, and if I was, I would know all that. I am sorry about the totally not awesome insurance. I don't know if you have checked out all your options, b/c I never really did until recently. We are going to just buy health insurance for our family straight from Cigna starting this month – and it will cost us 1/2 what we have been paying through my company!! One thing I must note is that this particular policy doesn't cover maternity but pretty much everything else that is normal. Anyway, I hope you can get something better for your family and have baby # 2 sooner rather than later.

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