Well, I thought it would be fun for Ella Kate to go outside and help me water the Hydrangeas and the herbs and veggies. She had a great ball of fun. Then when we got finished I put some water on the deck for her to splash around in. Its funny how one thing leads to another….so she stomped and patted the water and then sat down and rolled in it, thus soaking her clothes. So she then asked if she could have some water in her pool and I said sure why not…told her it was going to be freezing but she didn’t care. I put about an inch of water in it…and well, I think the pictures finish the rest of the story…

She asked to take her shirt off and then her shorts and her undies…not postin the nekkid pictures…after all this is the internet. She had a blast though. I didn’t let her stay out long at all cause she didn’t have any screen on.

Then we went inside and took a bath and I cut her hair. It looks good. I thought to myself if it looks funky, then I can take her to get it fixed. But it looks aight. I left it a little long because I wanted it to go in a pony tail for the “iffy beach trip.”

One thought on “Nekkid

  1. MAJ

    I hope you make it to a clean beach. It would be so sad for the coast to be ruined with oil! Love the pic of EK with the bucket on her head. If Sylvie had that bucket, she'd be drinking out of it. She drinks out of every possible container of liquid. Really.

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