No kid in pictures post!

I remember back in the day I would post pictures of projects and things that were going on in our lives and work before that bundle of joy called Ella Kate arrived…and this is one of them…

We installed the backyard bout two months ago…and all looks good except for 1.5 knockout roses and 1 Lilac chase tree…and the thing that kicked them dead was something along the lines of 25″ + of rain. No beuno for things that like it hot and dry. We thought we would loose the roses, but the 1.5 are slowing turning around and have blooms and foliage on them. One still might need to be replaced because the middle died out and it might look funky when it gets bigger. We will give it a season and see what it does.

Here is the corner, I must say, I haven’t seen Crapes bloom this early…its been a fairly hot May! The two roses in full frame on the left side are the knockouts in question.

The shaded side, the tree in front is the first Chase Tree, that is what the other should look like, that thing is about to bust out in purple blooms. The Hydrangeas, Spiraeas, Stellas, and Knockouts are in full bloom now. Apparently we went for all plants that flower.

These are my old Don Juan roses…they still look fabulous! I let them get crazy last summer and am actually training them weekly in hopes that I won’t have to cut them to the union.

The Chase tree though, bless its heart, is pitiful and we will more than likely rip it out and plant another one in the heat of the summer. Like we do all our trees for some unexplained reason.

Half dead and sad looking bent over tree…

Here is the garden, its half planted…seeds are going in tonight. There are approximately 5 Big Boy tomatoes, 3 Better Boy tomatoes, two cherry tomatoes, a jalapeno, 2 green bell peppers, 1 red bell pepper, and a ridiculous amount of beans. There is also potted basil (sweet and lemon), rosemary, and garlic chives. I hope this stuff actually produces. I have two tomatoes so far. We looked for another grape this past winter and waited too late to order. So maybe next winter we can get the third in.

And here’s to hoping that we do end up at the beach in 10 days…and here’s to hoping that if we do go to the beach, the plants will be alive when we get back.

We got the new big girl room painted Friday night…Holly came over and helped us paint it. It looks fantastic…and I caulked it Sunday night and moved all the furniture back yesterday. Ella Kate is so excited. She talks about her new big girl bed and going to her preschool…she is sooo much fun!

Here is the pink trunk I painted. I am going to paint her name on the front of it. My uncle gave it to us many many years ago…and I am giving it to EK.
Anyways…finished room, no this is not the new bedding. I am waiting to put that out till last minute. I want it all to be a surprise for EK.

And last but not least, here is a picture of me when I was really bendy back in my gymnastics day…I think I was either a level 6 or level 7 competitive gymnast. This was when I was at RiverCity gymnastics. Michael often likes to get this picture out and laugh at it, and in return I often laugh about his sparkly vest and jazz hands. Sorry the picture is grainy, I had to take a picture of the picture, cause my scanner is still on vacation.

One thought on “No kid in pictures post!

  1. MAJ

    I feel dumb now, so I probably shouldn't ask – but why are you moving EK to another room, that you appear to have painted the same color as the her other room??? I am confused! I like the old pic of you. Neato.

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