Times are a changin…

Well Memorial Day weekend is among us…no big plans for the Poole peeps. I am going to go buy paint for the new big girl room and for a shelf that I recently inherited. I might do some painting this weekend. I cleaned the house for 9 hours one day this week so with a sparkling clean house, I don’t have much left to do. I neglected the house for a whole month due to the craziness of flowers and having two toddler tornadoes here every day for a month….it was the least of my concern.

The beach is 16 days away tomorrow. We are still going as of now. My mom has a friend that is going the week before us and is suppose to let us know how it is. Hopefully the oil will stay far away from Orange Beach! I can’t wait to get our beach on!! So keeping our fingers crossed for another 2 weeks or so…sad the whole thing happened anyway.

Ella Kate is all over the place. She is a happy little girl and is full of words , sentences, dance moves, crazy sayings, and just pure delight. This morning I walked into her room and she started singing “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee….What up with that?!” If you have seen the SNL skit then you know what I am talking about. It cracked me up and I am often surprised at what she does, says, remembers daily. Some of her fun sayings are “How bout that, Mom”, “Holy Moly” , “How’d that happen” , and “Who knew?” just to name a few.

My parents have been out of town this week, so yesterday after the little gym, we went to their house to water their lantana. She walked in and I had told her that Mimi and Papa weren’t going to be here. So we sat down and ate our lunch and she got down and went to where the toys normally are (which have been put up in their room for the summer) and she started crying…MY TOYS….where are MY TOYS? She then wandered into Mimi’s closet and got a small deodorant stick and I told her that was Mimi’s and to put it back. When we got home, I received a sample of the same deo stick in the mail and she said that goes in Mimi’s closet. I thought, wow…that’s fun!

Anyways…I decided to move Ella Kate from the Little Gym to more formal gymnastics lessons. I enrolled her in RiverCity Gymnastics, where I trained many many moons ago. The girl I talked to on the phone was a girl that was a little above me level wise and she ended up staying with Gus (the owner) for the long run and is employed there…so that was kinda fun! I like the little gym, but am not real fond of the structure or the instructors…or the price…or the distance from Arlington. I think its okay for the little ones, but its kinda crazy. My mom called it structured chaos or something like that. Anyhoo, we start there in the fall…along with preschool!

That’s about it…Michael has been working his bum off and hasn’t been home much at all. He works on the weekend at one of our friends catering business. He did two weddings last weekend and didn’t get home till 3 am. He is also working side jobs and is still working at St. Columba. Unfortch, that is what you have to do when you have such awesome insurance as ours. So for his sake, I hope the beach trip will be on…I know he needs a huge break! I finished up flowers and have been doing some plans on the side. I am also starting back up on the Green (LEED) project that I posted about at some point or another.

Anyways…to the pictures…Ella Kate is so excited about her new big girl bed in her new big girl room. She thinks anything that she can lay down in or put herself in is her new big girl bed. Here are some examples…

She has laid down on each of them and said…MY NEW BIG GIRL BED!!!! Well to give her credit, the sheets are for her new bed!

Here are some more pictures of her playing with her new toys, that are my old toys…

And her high pony tail!!!

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