Just an update

Not much time, May is crazy for me with flowers and birthdays and such.

Ella Kate is officially potty trained in the no. 1 and the no. 2. No 2 took about another month….and lots and lots and lots of tears and poos on the floor. She now tells me when she has to go and whatnot. Now I am trying to figure out when to wean her off the stickers and treats. Next on the check list is big girl bed (late July) and 3-day preschool starting in August!

I am halfway through with flowers….went by super d fast. I also have accumulated several large projects for some clients that have been on the back burner.

We made it through the storms last week unharmed. We had some siding fly off the house, and we lost power Sunday morning for two hours when it was sunny.

Ella Kate and I are starting swim classes on Saturday for the next 4 weeks, that will be fun! I hope! She loved the water last year. It is in preparation for our beach trip coming up shortly.

We are also celebrating my mom’s birthday this weekend as well as her mother’s day…not sure what Michael is doing for me…he probably isn’t even aware that its this weekend!

I have no pictures because I haven’t been around much and when I have, I’ve been on the computer dealing with clients and whatnot.

Off to the little gym!

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