Rainboots, Dora, and the first pony tail

Ella Kate is still into the going into the closet and getting dressed stuff. I tried to get a good picture of her last week, she came out wearing her “beach” hat and her rain boots. It was hilarious…but by the time I got my camera the hat was off. Mimi and Papa gave her beach stuff for Easter and in that was a straw hat with a flower. We talk about going to the beach soon and she runs and gets her beach hat and says “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!”

She is still doing well on the potty training front…she hasn’t had many accidents…the ones she seems to have is when she is involved in some sort of activity…aka Dora on the tv. So I have to frequently remind her to go potty or we have us an accident.

This week I gave her her first pony tail and she loved it. She has asked me for one everyday and it stays in for about 15 minutes and she says “off.” We have been spending every afternoon out in the driveway or backyard collecting sticks and blowing bubbles. She sure is a ton of fun!!

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