Happy Easter!

Ella Kate had a fabulous Easter…Saturday we packed it up and went to Hope for the Easter Egg Hunt. It was wet and muddy so we only stayed for the egg hunt. She got some Easter Eggs and we packed it up and went home. That afternoon Michael flung up his hammock that one of his Mexicans gave him…

Then we decided to have an Easter Egg hunt in the new backyard…and it went a little something like this: My name is Ella Kate and I woke up from my nap and went outside and found my basket and eggs flung out in the yard…YAHOO!!

But wait…what’s this, my favorite thing to do while outside..STICKS!!!

Hunt Over!! I think she collected maybe 4 eggs and then went on her regular stick hunt. I need to take a picture of my front porch, there are probably 20 sticks on it and one rock.

Anyways, here she is on Easter morning…she got a good bit of loot, the gigantic lamb was the fave though. She loves that thing!

We packed it up and headed to Hope for the service and then to my parents house…and these are the best pictures I got of her in her dress:

and my camera ran out of memory…and then died. I need to swipe some off my dad’s camera of the three of us.

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