Accident Free since Thursday afternoon….

knock on wood…PTL…fingers crossed…all that jazz.

I am so excited for her, she is loving using the toilet…well technically, she had an accident yesterday afternoon, she finally went no. 2 approximately 3″ from the toilet, I guess she is just use to pooing standing up. She will get it…those are kinda hard to judge time wise. Anyways, I really didn’t think we would be where we are now when we started last Tuesday. I nearly quit two or three times and then Wednesday night I think it started to click. PTL. I do not like cleaning up tee tee or having been tee teed on. Blech.

She is now just getting chocolate chips as treats and no more stickers. She turned in her stickers to access her Dora Big Wheel. We are also working on trying to not get as many treats, at first she thought she could go in there and just sit and get a treat…nope…and then she still thinks she can put a drop or two in and still get a treat…which I did yesterday and a little bit this morning…cause after all, she did do it…but man that will wear a woman out. So she only gets the treat if she does alot. I think what caused the accident yesterday was when I told her she would get 2 treats if she went…and she started backing up and almost made it.

We went outside today for about 30 minutes. I am trying to teach her to go before we leave the house and after we get home. She did well and came back dry. She has also learned to pull down her panties and somewhat up…I have to help her get in and ask her to pull them up and the front part gets pulled up and the back part gets stuck on her cheeks…so she comes out with her bum exposed.

I love seeing that pantied bottom…I can’t believe how much her life has changed since she was born. It is truly an amazing thing to witness!!

Oh and she wore pants for the first time since Tuesday too…I think she will be mainly bottomless for a couple more weeks. At least its getting warmer!!

We have a minor destruction of the living room till all systems clear…the couches have plastic bags and sleeping bags and blankets on them and the ottoman has been removed…which the cat absolutely loves because a certain person can’t swipe her.

And yesterday I got hot and she got cold and she put on my jacket…which we deemed Ella Kate’s new snuggy.

And here is the reward for getting all the stickers on her sticker chart!

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