Seeing a Difference

Well today is day I don’t know. We started Tuesday and I have been sticking with a plan since Tuesday afternoon. We had an extreme talking to last night. I have been nice and supportive but last night we had it out. For some reason or another, I have to use a mean voice to make her understand. And after I told her that it was gross to tee tee on mom I took her to the bathroom and blocked the door with my foot and said you aren’t leaving until you put the tee tee in the potty, she sat down on her potty and put her tee tee in there. So after a hard day we ended on a good note…after a few tears. Don’t get me wrong, she is a smart smart girl…or at least I think she is, for one who can count to 16 and say all of her abc’s and follow every direction I give her, she should be able to do this.

Anyways, we had another talk this morning about last nights talk and she is doing awesome. Knock on some wood. She has 12 stickers on her chart and had only 3.5 accidents. She tends to have accidents when she is involved in something…the first one was eating breakfast, didn’t want to get up, the second one was sitting on me on the couch…again we had a stern talk and I told her I didn’t like to be teed upon and I put her on her potty and she finished there. The third one was when we were looking out the window talking about Papa and she teed on me again and I put her down and she went to the bathroom and she finished. I again enforced how much I don’t like being teed on. So gross. She has been accident free since about 10 this morning…so I am hoping and praying that her wheels are turning and she is understanding. At least now she isn’t afraid to sit on the potty. Either 3 or 4 times she went into the bathroom and I followed her and helped. I would still like for her to tell me when she has to go, but I will take it.

So praying that she keeps it up and understands it more and more.

Oh I failed to mention that Elmo, George, Panda, Bear, and Ladybug have gone to the bathroom at least 20 times each. I use a squirt bottle to make pretend tee.

Oh I also failed to mention that when Ella Kate gets finished she says “That’s Fun!”

Anyways, I have a feeling I will be making some sort of sticker chart tonight. She has a big reward for when the end is near…a Dora big wheel from my parents. Its sitting in the garage right by the door and she sees it when we throw stuff out…so hopefully she will get it soon!!

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