Good golly!

I originally was going to do a one day potty type thing with EK and soon realized that it was too much of a push for her. She didn’t like sitting on the potty every 15 minutes. I quickly switched her to a 3 day program, which I am thinking will turn into possible 5 or 7 days. Yesterday was day one, and she peed all over the place, over me, the kitchen, my bathroom, and the couch. She went through 15 pairs of panties and went in the potty twice. Today I think we have gone through 7 pairs and she has made it in the potty three times. She is doing a good job, but has yet to tell me when she has to go, and I know when she has to go because she kinda curls up and then stands up and freezes so I rush her to the potty. I hope this works for her. Its been frustrating on both ends and slightly messy. This plan also calls for them to be potty trained at nap and night times, but since I am doing everything by myself, I think that might put me over the edge…so pullups it is. I just want day time and will be happy. We will definitely be getting the carpets cleaned after this is said and done with.

Anyway…wish us luck, praying that EK realizes what she is to do and hopefully it clicks soon!

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