Lunch Bidness


I keep meaning to bring my camera up here to work to get the pictures off of it and update my Flickr account. But, I keep forgetting the darn thing…maybe tomorrow.

Anyhoo, since yesterday, we have added 18 new projects on the board.

This is what I mean by the board, so Michael and I are officially out about a month and a half now, and its only March 27th. But this is good, we have loads of work to do! Hopefully we can kick its but, and make a bunch of money off of it. Just this morning I sold $21,000 dollars worth of landscaping to an old divorced man that said “I just got divorced, and I want this garden looking better than my ex wife”….so I did…and he bought it. I may not be much of a salesperson, but I can talk some mad trash about some plants. Which is easy as pie, when you know so much about them as Michael and I do.

Anyway, the weekend was D-lish…we got our friends moved into their new abode. Michael and I went bike riding Friday and I mangled my leg when I wasn’t even riding…it looks like I tried 5 times to slice my Achilles tendon and failed each time, but it is healing. Saturday we went to Jackson, MS for Uncle Billy’s 60th surprise party. Lets just say things got really wild and interesting. My cousin Willie had a good way of describing my mom’s family, which is the “Motley Crue“. Aunt Judy, Mom, Dad, Michael, and I went shopping Saturday when we got there, and Michael and I bought a couch finally…it wasn’t what I was looking for, simply because what I had found was going to cost us 3 grand…and I didn’t feel comfortable dropping that dough on a couch. So we bought a regular couch, microsuade, and its a sofa sleeper…so it will work just fine…and the price was just right. We decided to get that and a leather recliner for the Mr. and a matching leather ottoman that opens for the couch. Michael is getting the permits Friday, so its looking like the walls will go up after Easter.

Michael finally told Holly about his secret, so the secret is out now, Michael started running. He is in his second race this Sunday, called the death race. I believe Holly is running in it too. I’m excited for him, because he is actually excited about something. He doesn’t get excited about much these days…so this is good. Hopefully he can keep it up. This year is a year full of changes for the Poole family of two, so this is an awesome change for him!

Anyway…back to a board full of designs to catch up on……ah peak season….with annuals planting only three weeks away.

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