I picked up a hitch hiker

I picked up a hitch hiker last night, well I guess she picked me up. My mom is going to start walking with me at last. She can’t walk as far/fast as I can, since Ive been truckin it since January, so she bailed out after bout 1.5 miles. She gets shin splints real bad and easy, so she didn’t want to push it. But we are on for tonight again.

The decorations for the upstairs are starting to come together. Mom brought over a sack of goodies last night, which included the two pictures she bought us at the beach last year for Christmas. I also got the new wall shelves in, these will go above the couch in the corner.

The shelves are really cool, and they were on sale at CB2. So I went ahead and purchased them before they went back to normal price. I also found these little numbers at Williams Sonoma Home which will I believe, complete the decor for the main room for now.

So its all starting to come together now. I have the paint picked out in my head, I just have to find a brand and a color/number to go with them.

This weekend we are going to Jackson, MS for my Uncle Billy’s 60th Surprise Birthday party. I haven’t seen my mom’s side of the family since 6-12-04. So it’ll be good to see those crazy people for a night. The Mr. and I are going to stop by a huge furniture store in hopes of finding a couch and maybe even a good deal on a couch, and a TV stand. I decided to stick with the desk we currently have because its free and it works…we may get one on down the road. But for now it is just fine.

Friday is moving day for the Chandlers, we will be helping them move into their new abode. Jim and the Mr. helped me move in our house, and I was at work all day long…so we definitely need to pay it forward to him and all that he did for us.

Anyway…time to get back to designing….

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